July 17, 2018




Nicholas Buckley

Family History! I am doing it.

What is up everyone!?! I hope that you could all make it one more day without hearing from me, but here I am! ;)

This week has been awesome, except for a few disappointments, but mostly awesome! This week we had a big focus on using family history in our proselyting efforts and it made a big difference!

To start off the week we asked the family history consultants to help us figure out how to do family history ourselves so that we should show others.  (In the new training for Mission Presidents it says that a missionary's two best friends should be the ward mission leader and the family history consultant, so we thought it would be a good idea to get to know them better.) We got to do some family history and I was able to find that I have ancestry from Southern Sweden in a city called Kristianstad where Äldste Bjornn my MTC companion got to serve.  Lucky guy.  But anyways, we had an awesome time and the family history consultants said they would be willing to help us or anyone that we meet with family history!

Then while we were tracting this week we offered everyone help with family history and of course lots of people were still not interested, but we also met some awesome people who love family history! We met a lady that has been looking for help so we gave her our number and also plan on going back later this week! We also met a legend! His name is Peter and at first he saw that we're missionaries and he said he was not interested but after we told him that we were helping with family history he got HYPED! He took us around his house to a nice place to sit down and talked to us for 20 minutes about his family! He got into this whole story about his ancestors who were in the Civil War before coming back to Sweden.  But my 3 on the AP US History test came in so clutch because he told us about a battle between these two ships that were made completely of iron and neither could win because the bullets would just bounce off each other.  I can't remember the names of those ships, but you can just google it and it should come up.  But yeah, apparently one of his ancestors invented one of those ships! That was a blessing because I actually knew what he was talking about.  But after his story time he asked us what we "really" believe in and we got to testify about eternal families and stuff and he said we can come back this next week! Neat stuff.

Then today we had the awesome opportunity to go to the Stockholm Temple and it is beautiful.  I got to receive another witness that we really do bless those on the other side of the veil with the work that we do in there.  I also did the whole thing in Swedish this time instead of Danish so that was a plus! 

Another highlight: We had two lessons on Saturday!! That was the first time in a long time that Vendelsö has had two lessons in a single day!! The first lesson was with Ronald our new convert who just moved in and we had a good lesson on the sacrament and he said he would come to church! He didn't tho... The other lesson was with a girl from America that we met on the street who was super interested to learn more about what we believe.  We had an awesome but kind of long restoration lesson and it really seemed to click with her! After we shared the Joseph Smith story and that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him she said "that makes so much sense and is so consistent! That's not the first time that Heavenly Father said "this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased!!"'and she got kinda hyped up.  She said that she really wants to receive an answer to if the Book of Mormon is true.  She is a very Catholic but she said she is super willing to be baptized if she finds this church to be true! She is only here in Sweden until the end of August but referrals are also a thing so yeah! She said she would come to church as well but wasn't able to... No worries tho because she and Ronald said they'd be able to this coming Sunday!
Also another blessing that just barely happened is that we just called this random dude in our phone and he said he wants to come to church and we're giving him a church tour on Friday so yeah! Random but awesome! 

It's also been super hot here in Sweden, like almost 30 degrees Celsius every day and I never thought this would happen but its getting in the way of our work here haha.  We were supposed to have a lesson yesterday with a lady we met on the bus but she said that it was too hot and that she is only going outside to swim :/ Then a member who helps us with the language said that it's too hot so she can't help.  Swedes aren't made for this heat! It's only going to get hotter tho so rip.  I have a much grown respect for all of the people that serve in South America because I'm dying out here and it's only like 85 degrees! This combined with the fact that everyone in Sweden leaves on vacation for like 7 weeks in the summer, so when we go tracting for like 2 hours only like 10 doors answer, makes it a struggle. 

It was also Zone Conference so I got to see Äldste Bjornn again so that was neat! 

Have an awesome week everyone!!
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