June 18, 2018


Lund, Sweden


Jaden Hambrick



drum roll plz

I'm getting transferred from Lund to a city called Vendelsö which is in the Stockholm area!! This caught me and Äldste Hambrick and basically the whole district by surprise because everyone thought that Äldste Hambrick was for sure leaving. But yeah he's staying in Lund and I'm leaving for Vendelsö tomorrow. I'm actually kind of bummed because I love the people here so much!! I'm going to miss all the members, youth, neighbors, and even the bus drivers that I've gotten to know so well over these last two transfers. When I heard about transfers before I came on my mission I always thought they were fun things because you get to move around and see new places, which is true - but I never even thought about all the people that you worked with that you just have to say goodbye to and you're not even sure if you're going to see any of them ever again! Don't worry I've decided that Im going to come back to Lund after the mission if not sooner :)

But yeah! This is what I know about Vendelsö. It's in the Stockholm South Zone of our mission and apparently it's like one of the smallest areas so that means I probably won't be doing a whole lot of tracking, but we'll see! I also know that they have a huge ward which I'm super excited for since one of our focuses is to work better with the ward :) But yeah that's about all I know! You should all look it up on wikipedia or something and tell me what you find because I'm honestly clueless haha.

My new companion will be Äldste Buckley and honestly I don't know anything about him either. I have seen a picture of him and he looks like a legend so we're good. I will be sure to fill you all in on my area and my companion next week, but this is what happened in my last week in Lund!

I PLAYED TENNIS!!!! So yeah - we were able to borrow some tennis racquets from a member and I went and bought some tennis balls and we were able to play! Not gonna lie I was definitely trash but it's ok because I have the excuse of not playing in 4 months!👍

We went on splits this week and I was able to go with Äldste Barney and he actually played tennis in high school so we got to play together and it was amazing. Best exercise time I've used so far.

Also played racquetball for the first time in my life this week! We played with a member down in Malmö and I kind of rekt all the other missionaries haha. Racquet sports are my thing I guess.

Splits with Äldste Barney was amazing!! It was one of those days where you contact all day and lots of missionaries hate it, but honestly I love it!! And so does Äldste Barney so it was a blast!! We found 5 potential investigators and it still just blows my mind to see how the Lord has prepared people for the gospel!! :) Lots of people say that people aren't religious here and don't want to hear about the gospel but literally the first person that we contacted, a nice dude just walking his dog, was super willing to listen and took a Book of Mormon and said that he was going to go home and read it! Miracles!! Often times I think that lots of people think of missionary work as just tracting and giving out Books of Mormons and stuff, but that's totally not true! You can share the gospel in so many different ways and so many simple ways as well! I think that one of the best ways to share the gospel is through our example. Often times we think that we are normal people (which is true but also not). We think that no one notices our little acts of kindness but in reality they do! And I think that all members of the church have a certain spirit around them that others notice! That's something that I've been trying to work on though and I think it is starting to pay off. During one of our conversations with the people that we contacted I bore my testimony about how amazing it is that we can improve ourselves everyday through Jesus Christ and the couple that we were talking to said that me and Äldste Barney were perfect. Anyone that knows me knows that I am far from flawless!! Yes I'm talking to you Elder Whitaker/ Elder McArthur/everyone. But as we try and be better and be "an example of the believers" as it says somewhere in the Bible, people notice it! Sorry just went on a missionary rant, but yeah! Try and find little ways that you can be an example of the believers!

Little funny things this week:

-Met Stig at a picnic thing and he was wearing a hat that had "JESUS" written in sharpie on the top. What a legend! Can I grow up to be Stig???? He's flawless.

-Met an older dude on the bus saying that he was going to go hang out with a buddy of his and then 3 hours later met him on the bus again but this time he had two dozen eggs that he got from his friend. Iconic

-Stig called me a "clever man" and that made my whole life

-It was graduation here in Sweden and they do it a little different here than in the states... Basically all the students get in the back of these huge trucks and they go around town blasting music and honking and partying and drinking alcoholic beverages and it's all put on by the schools! So yeah that happened like every day this week.

Anyways I hope you all have an awesome week!! Hej då Lund :(

Äldste Nathan Balls


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