May 7, 2018


Eugene, Oregon


Elder Petty

Master of the Games

Well Family and Friends today was a real good week I am determined to right a real good email fair warning i will be plagiarizing from my companions weekly!

Okay so Monday we played more One Night Ultimate Werewolf. Maybe it's my years of studying Survivor and Big Brother but I may be too good! It's almost unfair I can't be beat! I've been trying to be more humble but when it comes to board games I am failing miserably!

Tuesday We taught lessons all day missed the bus a lot then we made smore shakes best things ever

Thursday for dinner we had a ward party! there was a dessert auction the Ward Misson leader gave us 20 dollars for fun here is the problem with this situation we figure if we bid 5 dollars on 4 different desserts we can slowly get outbid until we spend 20 on 1. But the ward had different plans, you see no one wanted to be the guy who outbids the poor poor missionaries. So we won all 4 and during the live auction people kept giving us desserts! We walked out of that place with 6 trays of desserts. Fortunately, we had a plan. You see the mission got rid of a Spanish companionship in the Eugene Valley so now one companionship covers 3 zones. So naturally they drive all over the place and many nights they don't have time to drive all they way back home so President approved them to stay at our place when they can't make it. So we naturally forced them to eat all of them.

Now its time to talk about Catan. I'd like to start by thanking my dad Ken Agle, My sister Aria Schwartz along with her amazing Husband Nate Schwartz his brother Phil and there friend Devin for making me into the Catan player i am today! I am very good at Catan total this transfer we've played 40 games I've lost only 8! I am very prideful about this My trainee Elder Petty beat me today! it was shocking! He was trying to throw the game to Elder Holland, but When i said the words "hey look Elder Petty you took the lead" his eyes light up wins the game instead of throwing it leaving a stunned me and elder holland at 9 victory points.

Sunday was so much fun! we went really hard trying to get our investigators to church and this week was the week, we've been able to get maybe one or two a week to church every week but this week we made sure they all know that it needs to be a priority well 12:50 rolls around and no one is at church yet. I'm sweating bullets thinking I'm going to be putting up a zero when almost simultaneously 7 of our investigators walk into the doors, 2 of which brought all the young kids. Noisiest sacrament meeting ever but it was so nice! They all felt the spirit and got to partake the sacrament and come closer to their savior, Jesus Christ!

Well Transfer news everybody President Orton wants me to finish training elder Petty so we will be staying in the Santa Clara 4th ward. I'll be serving as a district leader. By the end of this next transfer I will have been in the this ward for 6 months! I am looking forward to it! well here you all go!

Elder Agle


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