January 15, 2018


Eugene, Oregon


Elder Anderson

Down and Amazingly Up

This is an excerpt from the letter received from Nathan today. Hope you enjoy:

Hey Dad,
So things have been going really good here in Oregon! I was having a really rough time in church. I don't know why. We had 5 investigators in church. We found 11 new investigators. We put 2 on date, in addition to the 6 we already had. Looking at the numbers I should've been on the top of the world. On top of that I am with a companion that I love. But that third hour [of church] I was just down. Maybe its cause I'm prideful. Maybe its cause the ward isn't supportive. But as I was sitting in Elders Quorum I was thinking whether I really could do this for two years? But a lot of Miracles really cheered me up. I got a call from President Orton. He said he had someone for me to talk to and then he hands the phone over to Stefano. "Hey buddy!" he says to me. I almost began to cry but i held it in cause I'm no wuss! We talked literally right after he was baptized and received the Holy Ghost. It was a pick me up I needed!

[The rest of the letter was about the growth he is experiencing. We're very mindful that Nathan is really working hard and grateful for your prayers for his safety and happiness. Please keep it up and enjoy the photos.]


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