December 23, 2017




Elder Wheldon

Letter and Pictures!!

[Note from Editor Dad: Sorry, I was distracted a bit this past week, but Nathan did email and he did post pictures. He also sent his first snail mail letter. An amazing week. Hope you enjoy]

Hello Family and Friends!
Welcome back to Elder Agle's weekly where everything is made up and the points don't matter! (I'm kidding thats a Whose Line reference)

This week started with a really lame P day so we were determined to do WAY better today! So we decided to hike Tablerock! And it was a fun time! A lot more fun than doing nothing. There is an Elder who I get along with SO well we are pretty much the same person we spent a lot of our time being dingus's together! And I took pictures!

We got a really good zone we decided to do a missionary fireside event. A lot of testimonies were given about the birth of Christ and how much of an effect Christ has had on all our lives. A lot of awesome scriptures were read. It was really a nice event and the whole thing was planned by my companion Elder Wheldon #CompanionPride. We did however way over estimate the turnout so if anyone is in need of refreshments we got tons!

Our investigators are doing good not too much change. The third transfer of the mission is kinda like being tossed out of the nest I've been in this area my whole time but now I'm supposed to take over. I think I'm doing a really good job. My teaching skills have improved SOO much. They were really bad! I still got a long way to go but overall a really good week!

Well there is still time to ship your favorite missionary a Christmas card!

Elder Agle


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