December 11, 2017




Elder Wheldon

Rewards for Finishers

What a week indeed! This one was a stressful one! But a grand one indeed!

This week started with us in action-protective-mode! Jeff Miller, the man I've been working with since my first week in the field, was getting baptized! We kept daily contact making sure that Satan wasn't trying anything! It was a lot of work but finally Saturday came! Jeff was baptized and it was an amazing service. He asked me to give a talk and bear my testimony. It was so nice seeing being able to watch this wonderful, hilarious man find truth especially since he has been searching his whole life!

Jeff Miller is one of those people who you hear missionaries talk about at the homecoming talks. He was the most prepared individual ever! He's read the Book of Mormon twice, even before we even found him! He is so in tune with the spirit he agreed with everything we taught! He taught us most of the time! He has even read Jesus the Christ, which if you've ever attempted reading know its quite the task!

Other than that its been a pretty basic week! I've found out I really love teaching kids! We have been meeting with a boy named Tanner for a month now! His mom is a member but she's been inactive, but now she's coming back and really wants her son to be baptized! The best feeling ever is a kid being excited to see you! We knock on the door and he comes running and jumping! It makes me feel like I'm a million dollar missionary! He asked me to be the one to baptize him! It makes the pride in me come out a little bit. I want to say "Look at the good I am doing!" when what I really should say is "look at the good the Lord is doing!"

Charity is such a hard Christlike attribute to obtain! Paul said in 1 Corinthians 13: "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal" He then goes on to talk about the importance of Charity. Charity is the pure love of Christ. Too often I find myself not having charity for people. For example a man who gets mad at us for knocking when they have a No Soliciting sign up. I want to say something smug about how that doesn't apply to what we do. But if I had Charity for the person I wouldn't. I have to stop myself and remember how Christ feels for these people.

Being a missionary isn't too hard! It's just work. But its work that fills you with the spirit! Don't get me wrong, it gets you tired and frustrated and all other not so fun feelings. But the rewards outweigh the struggles 1000 to 1. There are big rewards like Jeff Miller. Then there are little rewards like losing 5 pounds from biking! I love this work and I love Oregon!

Unfortunately I forgot my tablet at home so I don't have my pictures. which is a real shame cause I actually took a bunch this week!

So I guess I'll just leave you with a Thomas S. Monson quote: "I pray humbly that each one of us may be a finisher in the race of life and thus qualify for that precious prize: eternal life with our Heavenly Father in the celestial kingdom. I testify that God lives, that this is His work, and ask that each may follow the example of His son, a true finisher, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen" (Finishers Wanted, April 1972)

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Elder Agle


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