September 25, 2017




Elder Davis

Hail King Shelton

Hello Family and Friends! Today I begin the adventure of reading you my sweet sweet stories. This P-day everyone is at The beautiful Crater Lake. Unfortunately, me and Elder Davis couldn't get a ride. So we are here alone. So I think this email may be longer!

This week started with a challenge. The Zone decided that which ever companionship could give out the most Book's of Mormon in a week wins a free Ice Cream trip to Baskin Robbins. The ultimate treat! Elder Davis was so incredibly pumped! We tracted a ton the first day and our labors paid off! By the end of the first day we were Tied for first! Against the Spanish Missionaries Elders: Dosset and Ellis! The second day same thing: we do amazing then we end up tied the third day however, no one was having it we did horrible! Spanish continued to do amazing! They say its due to the Spanish culture being very polite and accepting! It makes me mad! They should be just as mean as our the people who we end up meeting! But in the end they destroyed us.

Stefano continues to be my favorite person ever. Because he's been meeting with missionaries for 5 years he knows everything we have to teach him, but because he's an investigator we got to meet with him every week, which I am not complaining about. Its a highlight for me! We went over all of his war scars and he demonstrated how to react if you get stabbed. He demonstrated on Elder Davis and how he could kill him. He's so funny! "Yes, so then my buddies intestine started to poke out and I just kept saying 'put water on it put water on it'."
Elder Davis: "do you put water on open intestines?"
Stefano: "yeah... everyone knows that!"

Speaking of Elder Davis everyone keeps asking me about him, if I get along with him and what not. So I guess I don't talk about him enough. Allow me to fix that: the answer is yes we get along awesomely! He's pretty similar to me, he's quieter more reserved, but probably more witty than me. I know that sentence wasn't correct english but I am not fixing it.

We met this member kid named Ammon. He may be the smartest person I've ever met. He's 12, he's a freshman in high school, he is in AP college math. He's in AP everything. He took the SAT at age 11 and ended up in the being in the top 20 percent! He came up with a theory about electrons being waves, which turns out to be a very big and up and coming theory about electrons its crazy. He is a genius, he blew my mind on multiple occasions!

Well thats my week I am sure other stuff happened like this morning a homeless guy strolled up into the church. He was nice and then told us he was the king of Asia, Europe and America. But he was nice and besides that, a pretty normal week

Love Elder Agle


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