September 5, 2017



Has It really been two weeks!

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Has it already been 2 weeks?
Holy this week flew! Being zone leader we got to welcome in the new missionaries and give them a tour! I became good friends with them fast and we all hang out! Elder anderton went to woods cross and he's such a stud!! But everything is Good! Elder talnoa and elder tupo are these Tongan that love us! So they invited us to a party at there place where they just had a ton of food hahahaha that's one of the pictures I sent! I leave next Monday at 3:30 am so wow really early! This week kind of just flew and I'm even more excited to just go out and serve! The byu game is this week against Utah and you can see the stadium from where our class is! We may be studying either outside or up there on the 9th. If anyone wants to update me about the game please do! All the elders call p day Christmas day so me and elder yen woke up singing Christmas songs hahaha. Things have been good and the mtc is fun but the food makes your stomach so sick! Tomorrow we get to be host for the new missionaries then they asked the zone leaders to do a seminar for them so I get to be busy all night. Here's the normal day at the mtc.... wake up 6:30 and I run to the showers then get ready. 7:30 We go to breakfast then head to our trc at 8:30. Trc are "investigstors" that you teach throughout the week. 9-11:30 is class. 11:30-12:30 is personal study time. Then lunch then exercise time at 1:30 then trc then dinner. Class until 9 bed time 10:30. We are constantly busy so I'm exhausted at the end of the night! I really do like it here but I know I'm just getting started! I love this gospel and can't wait to preach it. I've gotten much better at teaching and I decided my way to convert people is to become a friend! Have a great week y'all! Next time I email you ill be in good old North Carolina!! 



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