August 29, 2017



MTC week one

Hello familia
Has it only been a week? I honestly felt like this has been the longest week ever! I started the mtc strong by forgetting my wallet and pump in the car when I got dropped off so that was pretty great haha so that mtc is honestly like 14 hours of school. The joke I heard this week that wad super funny was the only difference between the mtc and prison is in prison you get visitors! It turns out Im really bad at teaching but it's ok I'm learning haha I'm starting to improve well. I'm also zone leader so that's kind of crazy. My companion name is elder Collins. He was cool to start with but he's just ehh now. . I hang out mainly with elder Yen and elder carr the most. Carr and I instantly became the favorite missionaries because diabetes has it's positives. We get a fridge In our room and there is a diabetic store with free food 24 hours straight. I have drank more soda and eaten bags of ruffles more than I ever have in my entire life! So that's nice. Elder Carr went super low during class so we left and got food and it's awesome! Haha they did tours all week here and it was crazy packed. The byu game you can see from our class so wee go up there to study on game day hahaha. I'll send a couple videos. Elder Collins played basketball at timpview and he literally grew up right across the mtc. You can see his house from our class. Elder samuelson is a stud he's from Viewmont. Elder lemon is the happiest red head I've ever met he went to Layton. And golfed Elder yen says he's from south Jordan and tells the craziest stories..... no one knows wherehe actually came from because he is so funny. Hee is just so odd and sooooooooo funny hahaha he cracks us up. But ya you'll see a ton of videos about him and elder carr because we do everything together. elder MacArthur is from st George he is awesome he got hives this week so it's been awful. Elder Carr is my favorite because we get along so well and just always make things fun. The other people in our district are cool. The mtc is alright it's just different from home. We started trc to train for The midseason field and I finally getting The hang of it. But they are kinda fun. The week went by super slow but it's starting to speed up. The food makes your stomach turn upside down and its ok. It makes you sick so I haven't felt the best. Everyone in our district is getting really sick. It's been really really fun messing around In our dorm. We played basketball for exercise time and I'm not very good anymore hahaha. The mtc is honestly mini Davis high. I know so m my companion mad If I know more people so its funny:) Sorry this email jumps around hahaha. But I love you all.
Love elder Meyer


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