March 20, 2017


2nd Mission Assignment - Lavalle'


Elder Nowjack

Autumn!!! ...or was it Spring? I don't know - - it's weird...

Hola Familia, Amigos y Amigas!

Como estan? Espero que todo bien con ustedes!

It's been starting to get colder here, which is nice, but feels weird because the coldest depths of winter are ahead of us in June and July... Maybe I'll have a little mini-Christmas to celebrate the cold - to take some of the weirdness off... :)
We've been having a fair amount of things going on in Lavalle as far as Missionary work is concerned... We had a zone meeting AND I FINALLY GOT THE LETTERS YOU GUYS WROTE - - HOO-RAY! :)
The two I have received thus far are; first - the letter Hermana Bigley wrote in January, and second - the Valentines day card from Grandma and Grandpa! Many thanks y muchas gracias! Getting actual letters is quite a pick me up! I'll start sending letters of my own here soon, though I will apologize in advance as they will most likely
take a few months to get there from here!
Back to the topic of Missionary work, we've got an encouraging number of steadily progressing investigators. First, we have the Taquichiri Family. Two of whom we baptized in February. Faustina and Maxi Taquichiri are now solid members, and though they have a lot of work to do in the fields, tending to the crops of Mendoza, they have unshakable faith in Christ. It's also a 'blast' whenever we go to give them service because they really have a lot on their hands and we can tell that it really means a lot to them. Right now, we're focusing on Christina. She also wants to be baptized, and we're trying our best to make it happen!
We've also been working with a less active family by the name of the Carmona. They were once extremely active, converts, though they fell away due to various disputes between them and some other members... Nobody ever said that the members of the Church were perfect, or without their share of problems, but we're helping them to see that through Christ, all things can be overcome!

We've got a boat-load of baptisms planned for this April, so we'll see how it goes! I'll write more about the other investigators I have next week! Love all you guys!

-Elder Bigley
p.s. No pictures this week! Sorry!!!


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