February 26, 2018


5th Mission Assignment - San Rafael


Elder Sosa

If it's Stupid and it Works, it aint' Stupid", and Chicken Murderers

Hola Amigos y Familia,
‘If it’s stupid and it works, it aint’ stupid…” At least that's how the saying goes. The reason I open my letter this week with this quote was a funny story I heard last week from one of the Elders in our zone… As Missionaries, we do a lot of talking to people. Whether it be talking to random people on the street, talking to other Missionaries, talking to church members, or teaching lessons, we do a lot of talking. However, the only problem is that in order to do all that teaching, we need to be heard… One thing I have observed in my time here is that Argentines have a knack for having a lot to say about - - everything and anything.

Elder Garmendia, a friend of mine from Monterey, Mexico, and another Elder in my zone told us of an interesting lesson they had taught with great success… His investigator had been going through a lot of rough times, and Elder Garmendia was trying to explain a crucial principle about asking God for help, but his investigator kept interrupting and cutting him off. Elder Garmendia said he tried everything to get her to stop talking and listen for a moment. He tried waiting for her to finish, he tried ignoring her, he tried talking over her, he tried being direct with her, he had his companion try to explain to her about letting Elder Garmendia explain an important concept which would help her, but to no avail… The investigator kept right on interrupting. And so Elder Garmendia's memory was called back to a time when he heard of an unconventional idea from a Peruano Elder called; "the epileptic attack method".

Yes, don't adjust the computer monitors! What Elder Garmendia did to get this Investigator to listen to the gospel was fake an epileptic attack under the excuse of; "When people talk over each other, the confusion of loud voices causes him to have epileptic attacks.” And the craziest part? It worked like a charm... I suppose that. “if it's stupid but it works, it aint all that stupid.”

Aside from that (and it is quite enough) the week went by fairly normally. We had some interesting service opportunities including (but not limited) to killing chickens for a local farmer (My first experience with headless chickens... Quite amusing and disturbing at the same time...), more construction on our investigator’s house and so on.

I hope you all have a great week!

Adios por ahora,

- Elder Bigley


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