February 17, 2020


Vijayawada, India


Elder Potter

దీవించిన మనిషి

First off I gotta give a HUGE shout out to my brother Porter for getting accepted into BYU!!!! It's crazy how much I look up to my younger brother. Thanks for showing me what hard work and persistence are, I love you Podawg!

Also another quick shoutout to one of my oldest friends Jayson McHugh for getting engaged! I love you my man and I'm so hyped for you!

This week went by so fast haha we had some really good lessons! In the beginning of the week we decided to go and visit a woman in our branch who takes a bus 2 hours every Sunday with her 2 little kids to get to church who asked us to come and visit her and her family who aren't members! So we jumped on a bus and drove 2 hours to her home to meet with her and her family. As we got to the home and began teaching her and the family the spirit was so strong! The lesson went on and they began asking awesome questions that invited the spirit even more! Near the end of the lesson though there was a power outage! (which is super common) But without any hesitation and without a word being said everyone pulled out there cell phones turned their flashlights on and continued on without skipping a beat. It was an awesome moment that I'm so lucky to have been apart of it.

I learned this week Vijayawada was or is the #1 murder Capitol in India so that's cool hahahaha! Also, I guess the coronavirus is spreading pretty rapidly in India so all of us Missionaries are on a super strict "no shaking hands or hugging" policy until all of this dies down a bit!

On a happier note we have a baptism this Sunday for a great man named Durgarao!!! Who has been taught since 2018 but has struggled with Alcohol abuse. After we had a great lesson with him and I was able to share my testimony of the importance of the Word Of Wisdom, he quit and he is now prepared for this special covenant with his Heavenly Father!

I love this church and all the feelings it brings me!
Elder O'Reilly


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