May 24, 2016


LaSalle, Quebec


Elder Tallon

Salut du Quebec!

Salut du Quebec!

Matthew Justin Arnold
5:38 PM (7 minutes ago)

to Alec, Alex, Amber, Ari, Benjamin, Brad, Brandon, Brandon, Brian, Brielle, Bryan, Cairo, Callum, Cam, Chad, Chandler, Cole, Dane, David, Elaine, erik.lund, Ethan, Gayle, Grey, Helen
Hey everyone!
Sorry I havent been writing you guys these past two weeks! I've been a bit pressed for time :(
Anyways Im still here in LaSalle! Our investigator pool isnt too big so we've been spending a lot of time finding. We found this family last week from Africa and started teaching them which was cool! They have two daughters who are so adorable.
Along with spending a lot of time finding, we've been spending a lot of time helping people move.... Here in Quebec, it's like a tradition to move when Spring starts. The first of July is even called Moving Day and everyone just moves... We've moved like 5 people in the last week and have two more people to move by Saturday.
I dont have too much more time to write but i have a short thought i want to leave with you guys. A common question that people who are searching for God in their life have is "How do i build upon my Faith?". A common response would be "reading scriptures, going to church, praying, etc". Now to me, these are good ways to help maintain the faith that one already has, but they dont necessarily help to "build" upon our faith in God. The way that we "build" upon our faith, and increase our capacity to have faith is by Sacrificing Things in order to be Obedient to the Commandements of God. That means, we give up things we know are wrong in order to live a life more in harmony with the teachings of Christ. For example; we have an investigator who has chain smoked his entire life. When we first met him, he didnt even want to stop. But, over time, he has been able to quit and has gained a testimony through his own personal revelation, that these things in which we teach are true. God knows us as individuals and when he sees us making "personal" sacrifices in order to be obedient to his commandements, we are rewarded with the presence of the Spirit, who gives us personal revelation, which leads to testimony.
Love you all and hope you have an amazing week!!
-Elder Arnold


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