April 25, 2016


Granby, Quebec


Elder Bracken


Bonjour Tout le Monde!
So Im getting transferred out of Granby to city called Lasalle which is a city on the island of montreal! We will be on Metro which means no car :(. Thats alright though! Ill be leaving here on wednesday sooo ya! Its a bitter sweet moment for me. I LOVE the people here and Granby and its been hard saying my goodbyes the past few days but Im excited for a change!
The other day, my companion and I went to a Tim Hortons at around 8 o`clock PM. (For those of you who dont know, Tim Hortons is the Starbucks of Canada and missionaries have a surprisingly easy time finding people there). Anyways we went and sat next to this guy and starting talking. His name is André. André, after a few minutes, began telling us that he has invested a secret form of fighting called ABM. He said he wants to teach the police, the army, and women this special martiel art but not anyone else because its "too destructive". He then began demonstrating some of his moves... on me... which really hurt... but they were like super weird. For example, he told me to put my arm on his shoulder, so i did, where he immideately gave me a light jab in the uper rib cage... then he told me to shake his hand. Hesitently, i did. He then stuck out the middle knuckle of his free hand and punched the bones on the top of my hand directly with his knuckle. He then demonstrated on me the best way to break someones thumb by bending it a certain way.. It really hurt.... The best part of everything is that he kept on telling us at random times that we were on camera... hahhaha he was a unique person.. Anyways I gotta go but i love and miss you all!
A la prochaine!


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