February 29, 2016


Granby, Quebec


Elder Bracken

We Found Stephane!

These past few days, I have seen so many miracles! We had about 60 people at church on Sunday! Far better than our normal number of around 30. A young man who just got back from serving in the Italy Milan Mission gave his homecoming talk which brought quite a few people. We had about 5 or 6 investigators at church too! All our investigators loved the service and were really impressed with the outcome of this weeks sacrament meeting!
A few weeks ago, our investigator with a baptismal date, Stéphane, moved and we lost all contact with him. Yesterday, Elder Lund and Elder Cichos, the other missionaries serving in Granby, found him just walking on the side of the road! Stephane was so happy to see them and told them that he hadn't forgotten about us, and that he has been wanting to make contact with us but his phone still doesn't work. He went two weeks without smoking after our last visit, but, due to the people that he lives with right now, he started to pick it back up. The Word of Wisdom pamphlet says to eat lots of Vegetables so thats basically all he's been eating lately. Elder Lund and Elder Cichos told us that his fridge is full of just vegetables! He told them that he was moving again today because he hates the place hes at right now. We were planning on going to see him early this morning before he moved so that we could do something that would prevent us from losing him again. Later in the evening yesterday, Elder Bracken and I were driving to visit a less active family when we saw Stephane again just out for a walk! We scheduled a rendez vous for today at McDonalds because he still didn't know where he was going to be moving to.
We have another investigator named Sonia who we were also able to set a baptismal date with!
I miss and love you all! Ill start taking more pictures to make these emails more interesting haha.


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