February 15, 2016


Granby, Quebec


Elder Bracken

Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone!
So the other day, these members in our area, the Snickers family, asked us to help them move a piano into their house. Brother Snicker is from Belgium and Sister Snicker is from Portugal. They are basically Amish. After moving the piano in, they fed us Tofu and Alphalpha for diner... which was actually pretty good! They have jars of grains and beans and food storage all over their house. They are super cool though.
We did an exchange yesterday. Elder Lund and I were together in his area. We taught this one couple, Arthur and Jene, who have a pretty tough life. Jene is from Quebec and looks like a walking corps. Her face is super sucked in from all the drugs she does. She was in a car accident a few years ago. Her arm got torn apart and was suppose to be amputated. One thing led to another and the arm was saved, but she was put on some heavy medication which she got addicted to which led her to doing more and more drugs. Arthur is from Portugal and is a flippin stud. He loves Jenie so much and just wants the best for her. He already believes that this is the true church and wants to be baptized after just one lesson! When we were teaching him, hed repeat everything wed say to Jenie just to make sure she understood completely haha. I cant wait to see what the future holds for them. We are going to do our best to help them with the things they need.

Miss and love you all!


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