February 1, 2016


Granby, Quebec


Elder Bracken

Bonjour Toute la monde!

Bonjour tout le monde! This week, we continued to teach Stephane, our invisigator with a baptismal date. He committed to stop smoking and hasnt touched a cigarette since! After leaving one of our lessons with him, I was walking past this one apartment and when i looked over at the door, there was this woman just staring at me through her blinds and it freaked me out. The next day, coming from the same apartement, there was a super loud scream followed with a loud thud... idk what happened but i dont think i wanna knock on that door haha. Anyways, Stéphane moving today to somewhere else in Granby and doesnt have a cell phone nor does he know where he`s moving to so he said that he would somehow get ahold of a phone and call us to let us know where he lives now.
Later in the week, while on a split with a missionary named Elder Cichos, I was at a Subway when a man walked up to us and started talking to us about how he knows about mormons and missioanry work and how impressed he is with it. He asked if we had a piece of paper, which made me think he was going to give us his number. After giving him the paper, he began to ask us for numbers, between 1 and 49... we gave him a lautery number hahaha aaannnnddd he didnt want to give us his number buttt whatevs haha.
We taught this less active family yesterday, the Crispins. They are from Peru and their native language is Spanish. They moved here about 2 years ago. Everytime that we see them, the appear to have full intentions of coming to church and being active members, but each Sunday, they dont show up. We brought this man on the stake high council with us from Venezuala. He was really able to connect with the Crispins.During the lesson, Brother Crispin told us that his daughter had prayed for the missionaries to come over that morning. He thinks that it was a sign that we showed up and that it was meant to be. I have high hopes for them this up coming week. We will be seeing them on Friday so hopefully we`ll make some real progress!
We had a diner apponitment with a member yestday, Brother Gareau. He has this massive black dog thats like 7 feet tall when it stands up. Its name is Ballzack...... Brother Gareau told us that he can leave his body when he sleeps and like go through walls and stuff.. but he has to be at the right vibration. He said that the first time he did it, he went through a wall like nothing but then when he tried to go through glass it wouldnt work, so he thought really hard and successfully changed his vibration which enabled him to pass through the glass! hahahahahaha i wanna try it. He said it takes three days of practice to get it down. sooo ya i guess in two days ill be able to leave my body in my sleep! lol
Anyways thats it for this week! I miss and love everyone!!


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