January 25, 2016


Granby, Quebec


Elder Bracken

Bonjour Toute la monde!

Bonjour tout le monde! This week was really good! I got to watch the first ever Worldwide Missionary Broadcast where we received guidance and advice from General Authorities and other awesome people! I took so much from that and have been able to apply so much in my life as a missionary. Early this week, one of our investigators invited us to this soup kitchen like place called "La Partage". There, we met so many people that have had such a rough life. Most of them are hard drug addicts, don’t have a job, are homeless, or just really need help. Amongst them, we saw quite a few of people who are already our investigators! One of them is a man named Paul. Paul thinks he`s Jesus and has all these philosophies that make him think he’s super smart. He actually a pretty smart guy but he’s pretty burnt out. One of my favorite quotes from him is "I want to change my desires, but you can’t take away desire; because when you take away desire, you take away who that person really is.” Anyway, we have been able to share our beliefs and clear up quite a few rumors that have been spread about the Mormons. We go there every so often now and meet a lot of really cool people. Our investigator with a baptismal date, Stephan, is progressing so well. He has schizophrenia, which makes his ability to retain some of the things we teach him difficult. We go over the lessons quite a few times to fix this issue. The more that I learn about Stephan, the more I want to do for him. He has had so many things happen to him in his life that I can’t imagine going through. The way he developed his mental illness was by being jumped and beaten to a pulp. Ever since then, his head hasn’t quite been the same. His father committed suicide and he has nobody. I want to always be there for him but I don’t have the time! We’ve been bringing over as many different members as we can when we teach him so that he knows that he has the support of the ward. He thinks his apartment is haunted so he doesn’t sleep very much... We gave him a blessing yesterday so hopefully he was able to get some sleep last night. Lastly, I met this man named Miguel. Miguel is from Venezuela, about 30 years old, and already has 7 children! I believe his wife had the 7th either yesterday or today. He said that if he receives an answer from God that this is Christ’s church, he will be baptized! That’s it for this week! My French is getting a lot better but my comprehension still kinda sucks haha. Love and miss you all!!!!


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