January 11, 2016


Granby, Quebec


Elder Bracken

Four New Amis de l`Eglise!

Hey Everybody! So my companion and I were able to teach so many people this week! We met this family from the Congo, the Tamburas, last Monday night. Charles, the father, answered the door and told us that they didn`t have time to hear the "bon parole de Dieu" at the moment but invited us to come back a few days later. We scheduled a rendez-vous for the following Thursday night. When that time came, we knocked on the door where Maggie, the 19 year old daughter, answered the door and invited us in. They had pictures of Jesus and Mary all over their walls. Charles was already asleep and the Mrs of the house never came to sit in on the lesson we had prepared; but she greeted us and seemed very nice. Anyways, we taught The Restoration to their three children. The oldest is Maggie, than her younger 15 year old sister, and the youngest is a boy who doesn`t know how old he is but he thinks he`s 13 or 14! The lesson went well and Maggie seemed to love the story of Joseph Smith and what our church stands for. She committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know for herself if the things we taught are true. We are going back this week and I hope she recieved an answer to her prayers! I also really hope that the Father and Mother sit in our next lesson.
We taught this less active member named Kaina. She`s from Onterio but Spainish is her first language. Something interesting I learned about Kaina during our visit is that her Mom and Dad just so happen to be Niece and Uncle.......... Anywaysss, a few months ago Kaina, according to her, witnessed one of the Senior Missionaries disipline her child with force. One thing led to another and now Kaina doesn`t want to come back. She has a strong testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel but is really hurt. She was brought to tears during our lesson. She just needs some time to heal and she`ll be back for sure. We are doing family home evening with her tonight so hopefully we`ll make some good progress.
Yesterday, we taught this man named Stephan. Stephan is about 28 years old and has Schizophrenia. He`s recieved the lessons before and has a testimony of the Chruch. He`s not all the way there though so I`m not quite sure what to do from here. At the end of our lesson, when we were setting up our return appointment, we came to realize that Stephan had no idea what day it was. His best guess was Thursday... it was Sunday.
Anyways that`s it for this week. My French is getting a lot better which I`m greatful for haha. I miss and love you all so much!!! Au Revoir!


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