November 17, 2015


Provo MTC


Elder Lee

Bonjour! Week 2 MTC

Hey everybody! So I just about finished my second week in the MTC! My companion and I received the calling of Sacrament Coordinators so we'll be a little busy on Saturday nights/ Sundays now. I'm learning so much it's crazy! If you read my last letter, you know that all my classes are given in exclusively French. I can now understand everything that my teachers say and I can speak the language pretty well!! There's a lot that I don't know though but that's okay since I've got another four weeks here.
So in my residence (the floor I live on) everyone is going to a French speaking mission and we all try to speak the language as much as we can. On the floor that I have class on, everyone is either learning French, Fijian, Russian, or some other kind of Polynesian language. It's crazy to see how many different kinds of people there are.
I just finished teaching my 8th lesson to and "investigator" in French so I'm pretty proud of myself. The investigators me and my companion (Elder Lee) teach are teachers here and the MTC that speak French and they pretend to be our "amis de l'Eglise" (investigators). They pretend to speak no English so it forces us to prepare a lot for our lessons.
I wish I had more to say but it's been a kind of uneventful week:/ I miss and love you all and I can't wait to see you again!
Je sais que Jésus-Christ est notre Rédempteur.
Je sais que le Livre de Mormon conteint la plénitude de l'Évangile et la parole de Dieu.
Je sais que a travers Jésus-Christ Expiation, nous pouvons avoir la vie éternel.
Je sais que Dieu a rétabli son Évangile par l'intermédiare de Joseph Smith.
Je sais que c'est vrai travers au Saint-Esprit.
Je suis reconnaissant de ma famille est mes amis.
Je suis trés reconnaissant de l'Évangile et de l'amour de mon Père Céleste.
Je suis reconnaissant a mon Pere Celeste de cette connaissance.
J'aime Jésus-Christ et j'aime Père Céleste.
Au nom de Jésus-Christ, amen.


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