January 4, 2016


Granby, QC


Week 2 in Granby

Hey everybody! So this week i came to realize that 2/3 people here in Quebec are missing at least 2 teeth haha. Just a random fact for you guys. Anyways, on Sunday we had 6 investigators attend church which basically doubled our ward! My companion and I found two and potentially three new investigators later that sunday so we`ll see how that turns out! I had the chance to go to the Montreal Temple earlier in the week as well where we did two sessions. Things are beginning to speed up now that the holidays are over and people are returning from vacations and have more time to have us over. Today I attended a funeral. It was for this man named Jean-Claude`s baby. About 6 months ago, Jean-Claude came home to his house on fire. His family, including his wife and three children, were all trapped in the house. They all passed away except for the infant who the mother saved by curling herself around. The fire, although not able to touch the baby, left him with severe breathing problems. Those problems led to him passing away about 5 days ago. It was very sad but Jean-Claude seems to be handling things well. He`s an investigator and is such a good example to me. Rather than turn away from God, he has seemed to turn to God.
Anyways thats it for this week. Miss and love you all!!


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