July 16, 2018




Elder Matthew Bertha

Youth Conference and Transfer

This week I finished training Elder Bertha in NanTou, so today I got on an early train to move to TaiNan! I will be with Elder Ruan, who is Taiwanese. Every person I talked to at church yesterday says TaiNan has a bunch of good food and is really hot, but it's alright because the small area means not much biking.

This week we got special permission to go up to the Youth Conference in 溪頭 on Friday. They planned a 2 hour special part where the missionaries were able to break off with their groups and answer questions about serving, and what it was like for us before the mission and the pressures we faced. It was so cool to be able to relate on a different level with them and just be real with them. There was one young woman in particular in my group who was paying special attention and asking lots of questions, and when I asked her if she was planning to go on a Mission she said, "Yes, but I need to be baptized first!" She is not even a member and is such an example of the impact the gospel can have on someone. The youth are the future and the future is bright!

I was also thinking this past week about what we could share with our members to help them share the gospel more with their friends and strengthen them. I thought back to the primary days for a second and remembered having to memorize the Articles of Faith! I sometimes forget those are scripture and actually are super easy to remember when your friends ask, "What does your church believe?" No wonder they had us memorize those when we were young! Cool stuff. I'll send some good pics.

Elder Marsh


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