June 26, 2022



Lovin' Life, Time Flyin'

So much fun this week!!! Missionaries started posting pictures in our Zone group and would type "Streaks" and one picture had "#We're not bunk." Well, we had to ask at District Council and they gave us a lesson on missionary lingo. Apparently "Streaks" is used to post photos and keep it going or the streak going. Bunk = lazy. Apos = apostate or not following the rules. Whitewash = 2 elders moved out of an area and 2 new ones moved in. Pinkwash = 2 elders moved out and 2 sisters moved in. Bunk is my new favorite word and we're not Bunk. HaHa.
Last Sunday for Father's Day saw a first -- a male Primary Chorister. He was great, the kids were great, just never had seen a male in that role before.
Ting taught Sunday School and rocked it!! Kept super busy doing lots of service (Teaching English, Green Card application, real estate test prep, activating credit cards, replacing GFCI, Habitat for Humanity, etc) and teaching!!
Visited with a 15 year-old who came from China about 10 months ago and asked him if he likes rice or noodles more (almost all Chinese are either in the rice camp or noodle camp as their favorite). Well, his response was Beef. He loves beef. So funny.
We are a third of the way through our mission. Kinda wishing time would slow down as we absolutely love it.
Enjoy the photos!! Check in with you next week!! God is good!! Life is good!!


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