June 19, 2022



Food Week

We didn't participate in Raleigh's restaurant week June 6 - 12; however, this past week has felt like our own restaurant (or food) week. It started with the amazing food at our potluck dinner on Saturday the 11th. Sunday night the 12th we were invited over for an absolute feast of northeastern Chinese food where most dishes were entirely new to us. Tuesday night we were given a lot of fresh-made Chinese homemade steamed buns (baozi and manto). Wednesday we were invited over for Beijing-style home cooking with fish, soup, and taro root dessert. Thursday I couldn’t help but stop at Sonic for a half price chocolate banana milkshake. Friday we ended up doing half price sushi. Saturday Ting made a favorite meal of boiled dumplings (potstickers) and dried tofu and she baked me oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! I have also found out that for Father’s Day, the men at church get to skip class the 2nd hour and have a meal! Wow, the food we've had this week has been interesting but good. The only exception to tasty items was when I was teaching English to a small group and they insisted that I drink a flower infusion and it was nasty!
We had a doozy of a storm Friday night. The wind was blowing really hard amidst the pelting rain. Given that this area is so densely forested with trees, tens of thousands were left without power - including us. We were without power for over 7 hours and got it back in the early Saturday morning hours. Definitely makes me appreciate electricity!! Also during that time the cell tower must have been out as we couldn’t get internet. Not much to do with no power but I did read scriptures on my phone for a while.
Additionally, we taught a number of lessons, taught English, helped with real estate questions, participated in District Council (during this we found out that currently the missionaries aren't allow to tract or go door-to-door), etc.
This has been a fun week to remember!! Lol


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