June 12, 2022



First Prayer

What a wonderful week. One special time this week was a teaching a lady who was a college economics professor in Shanxi China. She was taught about prayer and about receiving answers through the Holy Ghost. She asked a lot of questions about what the spirit feels like. At the end of the discussion, she agreed to say her very first prayer ever. She started and then she paused and then sincerely began to talk to God. By the end of her prayer she was so touched by the Holy Ghost she was crying. Of course both Ting and I were also grabbing for Kleenex’s. What a blessing to be there for this sweet experience.
Oh course, not everything turns out great. Later that same day, we were helping teach another Chinese lady who was mildly curious to learn information about our church but who was not willing to pray about the things we taught nor was she willing to read the Book of Mormon. We aren’t here to push or force anybody and all we can do is invite.
Other things this week:
-Spent many hours helping a sister prep for her Real Estate Test (I think I’m getting close to being ready to sit for the test - lol).
-Made fish tacos with mango salsa and took to a sister’s house to have dinner together.
-Loved Zone Conference for the Apex Zone.
-Attended a Senior Missionary Gathering with the Mission President and his wife. There are 27 full-time Senior Missionaries, 10 Senior Church Service Missionaries (they are locals who serve), and 18 Senior Missionaries who serve through their stakes to help with missionaries (help if missionaries need assistance, do apartment and vehicle inspections).
-Took a sister who hasn’t been to church or a church function in a LONG time to the potluck dinner with us and she had a great time.
-Gave a sister a ride to an acupuncture appointment
-Got over being sick (hurray)
-Taught English to a Chinese couple to help them prepare for opening a business.
Hope everyone has a great week!! Love and miss everyone!!


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