May 29, 2022



Baptism & Games

We had a productive and good week. A few highlights:
The best part of the week was the baptism of a Chinese lady Saturday night. Many attended but among them were 4 Chinese who are at various stages of beginning to learn about the church. One of these described that she felt something she had never felt before and almost wanted to cry (we know that feeling as the Holy Spirit touches our hearts). She now really wants to learn more and wants to read the Book of Mormon. What a wonderful night!!
We held a Game and Snack Night on Friday night at the Chinese Group Leader's house. It turned out very good. We had a total of 18 people there (including us). We played charades where the clue was in both Chinese (simplified) and English. People could guess either in Chinese or English. Of course, I was confused when one person indicated the answer had 3 words and the answer turned out to be zoo, which is 3 words in Chinese but 1 word in English. Ha, ha. We also played Kahoot where we created questions using both languages. This was a first time for these Chinese but they really enjoyed it. Afterwards, we showed a 3-minute church video and then Ting bore her testimony of how she came to know of God, Jesus and join the church. Finally, people just visited and enjoyed.
Another funny thing this week has been the younger missionaries. This is the last week before transfers. They found out just this morning (Sunday) if they are being transferred but won't know until Tuesday morning where they will be transferred to — which is the same day they actually move. Well, to combat the natural inclination to 'take the foot off the gas' and coast a bit thinking that they will be transferred, the mission has a contest where they earn points for various things they do. For example, they earn points for getting out of their apartment on time, inviting people to church, teaching lessons, etc. However, there are a couple of unusual ways to earn points such as drinking a gallon of water a day and sending a video of their companion singing. So, we have been treated to some hilarious and some very talented singers this week. These missionaries have some great creativity and really have fun doing the Lord's work!
We are so grateful to have this opportunity to be here and to be involved in this important and great work!! Loving it!! Till next week!!


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