May 22, 2022



Meeting People

We had a wonderful week getting to know many Chinese people here.
We were in Walmart one day picking up a couple of items and a lady came up to us and was excited to see us (that is unusual in itself). Turns out she had moved here from Myrtle Beach a while back but has been unable to figure out where/when her church ward is. We were happy to assist in looking it up and she was thrilled. Nice to be in the right place at the right time to help.
On Monday night, we had dinner with a couple where the wife is learning about the church. When we visited with her, she asked a sincere yet simple question as to why we pray. Thinking of her circumstances, she has lived decades in an atheistic society and without prayer where she has been able to get by (at least in her mind) without God and prayer. Ting gave her a good answer but this question has stuck in my mind all week. We often teach those learning about the church to pray to God to receive answers and know truth. What if a person has no major questions, what then? Do we pray like a child with a Christmas list to merely send off our ‘want’ items? Do we pray because we have to? Or just out of habit? Prayer is such an integral part of my life, it has been instructive to reflect on why I pray and my motivations. I hope that my prayers can be more motivated because I love God and want to know and follow Him better.
On a lighter note, we were with the younger missionaries teaching a Chinese 14 year-old autistic boy (highly functional) and here was part of the conversation:
14-yr old: So going and putting chains across train tracks to make them crash is bad right? A lot of people would die right?
Elder: yeah, that would be pretty bad
14-yr old: oh, so I guess I would need to repent for that
Elder: yeah that's right. Have put any chains across train tracks lately?
14-yr old: noooooo 😂😂
Have a great week!


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