May 14, 2022



Arrived in Raleigh

In our last episode, we left you in Keokuk, Iowa. On Monday morning we drove about 25 minutes to visit church historical sites in Nauvoo, Illinois. We spent about half a day and did the important things: the carriage ride, the oxen wagon ride, the wagon ride, the blacksmith shop, the visitor’s center and a quick stop to take pictures outside the Nauvoo Temple. What a wonderful time and we thought a lot about our dear family/friend Ron Schindler every time we saw horses or oxen (Lol). We left there around 12:30 and drove about 8 hours to Chillicothe, Ohio before stopping for the night. The next day we drove to the Mission Office in Raleigh to pick up the keys for our apartment and then drove to it in a suburb called Cary. This is a very nice apartment!! Dishwasher - check; spacious kitchen - check; comfortable queen bed - check, washer/dryer in the apartment - check!! The complex has a pond, paths, a tennis court, a work out room and an area where we can use a computer and printer. Sweet!!!
We met with the young missionaries in this area. One Elder was supposed to go to Taiwan originally but was reassigned to this mission and has been working with the Ward and Chinese group for over a year. I believe he only has 8 or 9 weeks left in his mission. We also had the opportunity to teach via Zoom a woman from Taiwan. She is coming to learn and believe in God but it is difficult as her husband and two sons don’t believe in God. Ting was able to relate as when she joined the church, none of her family supported her nor did they believe in God.
We also did quite a bit of shopping to get a few things we needed. The mission told us to bring our own bedding and I assumed sheets, pillows and pillow cases. Turns out we also needed our own blankets or comforter . Oops!! The first night was a little cold as we were too tired to go buy them. The next night, we didn’t sleep very good as I had turned up the thermostat because of being cold the night before but we had a thick comforter and so we were hot - ha, ha. We’ve got it figured out now.
Raleigh is so incredibly beautiful with huge, green trees everywhere. Driving around makes you wonder where the city is because all you see are thick groves of trees.
Today we went to church and met many of the Chinese. There were 3 Chinese who attended who are in the process of learning about God, Jesus Christ and his restored gospel. An older Chinese lady from Beijing who is learning about the church, felt a closeness to Ting after just a few minutes of visiting and invited us over for dinner tomorrow night (Yum - her husband is a restaurant chef and specializes in noodle dishes which happens to be Ting's favorite). We really love being here and the opportunity to serve and invite all to come unto Christ!!
Looking forward to our first full week here and we'll see you next week!


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