May 8, 2022



MTC - complete; Raleigh - coming soon

We finished our 2nd week of the MTC and felt like it was so beneficial. Of course, by the end of the 2nd week, I was also about 'done' with the cafeteria. They do an absolutely great job feeding that many people 3 times a day, 7 days a week but it does get a bit repetitious. They do have Papa John's pizza on Friday nights and always have a good salad bar. The meat options for the salad bar are cut/shredded meat leftovers from previous meals but that's good that they don't waste. They have a special room for those with dietary restrictions and they also have an option for lunch where you don't have to go in, but instead can just get a sack lunch with a sandwich and other items.
The number of missionaries in the MTC changes constantly. I believe that there are about 600 - 700 senior and junior missionaries there now. They said that it starts to ramp up during the summer as most of the younger missionaries finish school and then want to leave in the summer. The younger missionaries leave the MTC on Mondays and Tuesdays and new ones arrive on Wednesdays (sometimes Tuesdays). The senior missionaries arrive on Mondays and leave on Friday or early Saturday morning.
Before going to the MTC, I wondered what in the world would they teach us for 2 weeks. Now I know. Here's some things they taught us:
Safety, Family History, Welfare/Self Reliance, Seminary & Institute training, Taking Initiative, Working with Young Adults, How to Use Zoom/Facebook/Messenger, Keeping Records, the 4 Divinely Appointed Responsibilities, Teaching Skills, Dealing with Concerns, Preparing to Help Individuals to Come Unto Christ, Interacting with Young Missionaries, Supporting & Developing Local Leaders, Getting Along (apparently a few couples struggle with all the together time after retirement - lol), Preach My Gospel, etc.
We left the MTC early Saturday and drove to Omaha, Nebraska. This morning (Sunday), we attended church and then visited the Mormon Trail Center at Winter Quarters in Omaha for an informative tour. Ting was touched at the hardships and tragedies they endured and yet remained faithful. We then drove generally along the Mormon Trail route from Omaha to Keokuk, Iowa where we are staying tonight.
A few more days and we'll be in Raleigh. Woo hoo!!! Ready or Not, here we come . . . ha, ha.


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