September 3, 2017


2nd Area: Yokohama Zone/Kohoku Area


Elder Arnett

Baptism day

So first as I was handing out flyers today, I got to talk to this guy that asked who we were and what the freak we were doing here. I told him and basically he said that we were hard workers and all and then went on his way. A little time went by and I saw him come back with a bag, and in it was a big can of beer and some other snack. I was like cool and thanks, and then he left. I showed them to my companion and he freaked out. He's like you got beer!
I was like yeah, someone gave it to me, and he was like do we give it to someone? I was like no.

The next big thing that happened was that I cleaned that guy's house again. Oh man we got nowhere when we went! We are trying to get ward members to help him too. We went and cleaned, and as we were cleaning, I took a box down from his shelf and started going through it. Little did I know that there were mice in it! I was like what the, and then I closed it and opened it back up and one came it jumped out of the box! My companion freaked out about it, but I was like uuhhhhh what do we do now?! So I closed it, and the the homeowner wanted to see so I showed him and another one jumped out! I was like, yeah I'm done with this. I was just like take it outside so no more
come in the house. So yeah now he has two mice in his house somewhere. Hahaha

The last thing that was big in my week was our baptism. He (S. san) was so ready, and so we had the service and it was nice. There was a good turn out from both wards. I got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in awhile. They all said I have lost a lot of weight... I was like, dang I guess I have. But I guess that's with the stress and everything I've gone through on my mission so far.

That was about it. That was about all that happened in my week. Hope you enjoy it.

Elder Hatch


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