August 26, 2017


2nd Area: Yokohama Zone/Kohoku Area


Elder Arnett

Big bugs, learning kanji, slippery stairs, and eating okonomiyaki

Yeah I've had fun with bugs here! There are big bugs that makes loud noises, and it's so loud! And they are so big, like literally the size of a 50-cent piece or bigger. They are insane. But yeah, my week was an okay week. We went to Costco again and dropped a lot of money on food. Well mostly my companion did. I only spent about 45-ish dollars, and he spent about 88-ish on his. He paid me back though. Don't worry I made sure of that. I always do.

Then I got a hair cut, and it is a different style this time. I'm trying new things these days.

The next day we had a dinner appointment with this couple from our ward. They are a little older and so nice. They are the couple that were inactive for 30-ish years, and with the help of me, Elder Kawasaki and the sisters, they are now active and have an eternal marriage. They are so fun and they love us and we love them.

After that we had a splits with my district leader and that was fun. It rained the whole time and that was miserable. Then as we were going door to door, the stairs we went up were painted metal ones. Of course it was raining and I go up and make a joke that you slide down these. Guess what I did? I slid/ fell down them... hahah. I was like, of course right after I make a joke about it I fall! Hahaha just my luck right,? So I got wet and a little dirty, but whatever right?

Then next we had a lesson with Sato san! We basically figured out who is going to baptize him and confirm him. He said he wants his father-in-law to do both. We were like okay! Sounds good! He still needs to talk to his mom and let her know what he is doing, and regardless of what she says, he will still get baptized.

That night we had English class. That is always fun. The next day we went to this place called Hiyoshi and went to our friend brother Komuro's house/restaurant to eat okonomiyaki! We also met a family there from Seattle. They were visiting and picking up there son from college. They were pretty nice so that was good.

On Saturday we had a missionary activity which was fun. We also had a big storm that night. We got a ton of rain and thunder and lightning. I loved it! I felt back home.

The last thing I want to say is that I'm studying kanji now, and man is it tough to write it and remember the stroke order. I'm learning new things that way, and like I said before, I don't know how I learn so.... I'm trying all sorts of things right now. Yeah, I'm still trucking along I guess. This transfer is almost over, and that means I will be transfer 7 in no time. I still don't know anything!!! Ugh, well I will do my best. That is all I can do, right? I guess... anyways, that is all for this week. I hope you enjoy it.

Love ya.
Elder Hatch 👑


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