July 30, 2017


2nd Area: Yokohama Zone/Kohoku Area


Elder Arnett

The Elder who smiles

It's humid here and like in the 90's each day with a lot of humidity. I love dry heat way freakin better!

So that sucks that the transmission needs to be rebuilt. And how is grandpa's car?? Is it fixed?? Wow that sucks!

This week has more pictures than words. So I did get a new companion this week. He is Elder Arnett. He is from Colorado. He is transfer nine! So just over a year he has been out. He is really nice. Also his accent is funny, I mean everyone's is but his is so so white sounding. But whatever that is how he hears it and has been taught so I can't change that. Other that that he likes old music, like Journey and stuff like that. So yeah that's him. Oh and he is about my height too. So two white people here now! Also my first white companion. All my other ones have been half Japanese or some other race other than white. So yeah this is going to be interesting.

Other than that, we had a missionary activity on Saturday. It was a game night, so we invited people and only like two came! They were the people I invited! They were from English class, and they are two of my friends from English class. It was a daughter and her mom that came. They are so funny and we get along really well. Their names are Auki mama and H.C. I have picture that I will include. They are so loud and fun, I love them! The way we became really good friends is that they first made a comment on my flower tie in English class, and then I started teasing them and making jokes with them. Also I'm one of the only one of the missionaries that smile in English class. There aren't a lot of missionaries that do. I also help the daughter with English questions. She told me that I was the only one that would actually sit down and help her. So that's how our friendship started and is still going.

That was really the only highlight of my week. But to answer your questions, I'm losing some weight, and I'm eating okay. I've cut way back. I eat like half of what I used to... I don't know if that's good or bad! I try my best and stuff.

Also I caught a little bug recently, and it hit me kinda hard today. I had a pretty deep sleep and a weird dream then I woke up and my body and head just hurt. It was the sick aching type... my head pounded all day and my back and everything hurt. It got a little better through the day, but I still feel a little sick. So yeah, hopefully it's better by tomorrow.

Also S.S. is praying with us every lesson and on his own with his wife. So he is ready! That's all for this week.

Love Elder Hatch


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