July 9, 2017


2nd Area: Yokohama Zone/Kohoku Area


Elder Kawasaki

Staying busy is such a good thing!

Okay this week was mostly normal except the ending ahaha. So it starts out as that last Sunday was fast Sunday. So just a normal day. Then for P-day last week we went to this city right next to our area call Kawasaki and hit up the Costco and bought a lot of food. Except it wasn't that much. But it was in bulk. Also that is a dangerous store to go to when you're 20 and haven't had American food in like 9 months... so just a little dangerous, but all in all a good day.

We had interviews with my mission president. The next day was a busy busy day. So that day we did a service "project" as a district, at a mental hospital/daycare place. It was fun and different. All we did was talk with them and fold paper triangles. There was this one lady that would come up to my companion and would look very closely at his name and then look at him and ask him, "are you Japanese?" He would say "yes" and also say "I'm also half Lao," and she would go around and say, "He's not Japanese, so don't talk to him, or be careful." Haha she did that so many times. She was interesting. It was an interesting but pretty fun experience.

I also had one guy ask me a million questions about America. He would ask me, " How long does it take by plane to get here," "Do you have buses in America," "Do you have trains and cars in America?" Just a ton of questions like that. After about an hour and a half of that we finished and the people that worked there were so happy we came and helped them and they really appreciated it. So we might make that a weekly activity now, but we are still discussing it.

That service project was one of two that day. So the next one was a surprise service project. This is how it went... so we come home from the other service activity and started eating lunch. Then the zone leaders call us up and ask if we could come help them put together shelves for the church and of course we hopped on that asap! We don't get a lot of service opportunities or even two in one day. So we stuffed our mouths with food and went over as fast as we could. I was soooo pumped to do this. I was probably a little too pumped for such an easy task (But, they say small things occupy a small mind). But you all know I love building things, even if they are small stupid things.

We built them and that took about an hour or two. Can I say they looked really good! I'm proud of my workmanship on those shelves.

After all that was done and over with, we went back and studied like normal. We went out that night, and oh my gosh was it so humid out and no wind. That was the worst! We tried a new way of dendou and it really really sucked. That was because we just didn't have it polished up. There is always room for improvement right.... it's all good.

Okay so this last day was may favorite. That was because it was the day we were the busiest... So this day we started off with doing service for this less active. His house is a mess!! I will include a video later to show you. But we clean that house every Saturday and fix up his yard. That is always interesting... but next we had an English challenge that day. This is where we go around our city( Shin Yokohama) with signs with random English questions on them. That was okay but there were some events going on... so on one side of the city there was a soccer game going on. And that's pretty normal. But on the other side there was a death metal concert going on... and everyone and anything imaginable was dressed up in black eyeliner, skin tight black pants, and black capes on the hottest and most humid day out of the week. I was like uuuuuhhhhhh okay. It was so weird and we didn't talk to a lot of people because everyone was going to the concert or game. Figures, right?

After that we had a lesson with our investigator S.S. I knew him in Kichijoji but I'm teaching him again here. That was a really good lesson. He has a baptism date for the 23rd I'm pretty sure, and I think he will make that because he's golden and so ready. Also his wife is a member so... yeah he basically knows everything, we just need to build his faith.

And that's it... that was my week. Hope you enjoyed it. Here are some pictures and videos.

Love Elder Hatch


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