June 26, 2017


2nd Area: Yokohama Zone/Kohoku Area


Elder Kawasaki

Zone Conference

So this week was better. We didn't do a lot, but we did some things. First we had zone meeting. Haha this was fun. So we got to our church where it usually is, and we walk in and find that there is no carpet and people are painting. Then we wait and then thought, why
isn't anyone here? And so we looked and it was in Kawasaki and we were like, "What, nobody told us!!" And so that was interesting and frustrating.

The next day we had a lesson with our investigator
and it rained. Ugh, I hate the rain. He is progressing. We
also had a lesson last week with our new referral from the Kichijoji bishop. His daughter's husband is investigating the church and we are teaching him. I know him so that's good and fun.

The rest of the week we did nothing, except for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I got to play some basketball with a bunch of Filipino guys, and they called me big man. They loved having me on their team and playing with them. They were really good though. And I'm good, to a
point. Hahah I just need practice. But that was fun.
Then we helped a less active with some yard work. You all know I love yard work. Haha It was a little landscaping. I loved it. We got to break things with a big hammer, and dang it was fun. It was like a taste of work again. We made these two little steps. They were something else... like he
just made them really really bad. But he liked it so we built them for him. It was just a little make shift but I guess it will do.
Then that night we had a ping pong activity, I suck at it, but it was fun.

On Sunday we had a church dinner! All of the food was so good!! That about wraps up my week. I'm doing
better this week, and language-wise I still need more confidence in speaking. I understand way more than anything. It was just kind of a normal week this week. It's hot, humid, and rainy... so yeah. hahah

Elder Hatch

p.s. The translating for the meeting was okay.. a lot of mistakes were made but it gave me a little bit more confidence in my language. I kind of surprised myself with how good I actually did.
p.p.s. One last thing, we had a dinner appointment with a member in our ward on Friday, I think. They are so great. It was so fun. And guess what we had? Yeah, that's right! Taco Rice!!!!! Lol, and one last thing they love Ranch so
much that they import it from the states!! So funny!


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