June 5, 2017


2nd Area: Yokohama Zone/Kohoku Area


Elder Kawasaki

A weird week for Elder Hatch

Okay so are you ready for a week full of weird things? I feel
like I always have weird things happen to me during these weeks here, but you know, it makes life interesting .かな( good luck looking that one up hahah).

So let's start from the beginning. On Monday I totally screwed up a phone call with my mission leader because we needed a member for a lesson, but he just kind of made me feel stupid and like why did I call him. So I was a little salty about that. I was just proud of me for trying this phone call, but whatever. I did it.

So the next day we met a German guy and helped him find his way around. Turns out he is here for business. He was a nice man and was great to talk to.

In the afternoon we went to a park, and knowing me I felt like I was going to mess something up. That was exactly what I did! I said something that made me sound like a total assaulter! They just looked at me like, "what did you say?"

Then some moms in the park saw us and thought we
were English teachers. Hahaha why, just why?

That night we met another guy on the streets that was Shogogakai. That is a religion that is hard to explain, but basically it is another form of "Mormon" you could say.

Then on Wednesday was when it started to get even more weird!! So this is the day was when it went from zero to 100 really quick! So we were just doing our normal routine like everyday, and we ran into a group of teenagers (like high school age) and asked them if they played sports. They said yes and that they played tennis. I said I played baseball, and one of them went in to give me a handshake
but went straight for my forearm and grabbed it and walked away! Like who does that? I was like okay.... that was the weirdest "handshake" I have ever had. That was about it for that day.

Thursday was a day that felt more normal. However we had these three or four women who came by and were so wild. But we got along and had fun discussions. Now we are friends. Also, it turns out they love missionaries. So we are even better friends I guess, lol.

Then Friday and Saturday I was on splits with my district leader and we had a great time. He and I got along so well! We met a lot of people that were interested in English so hopefully we will see them this week.

On Saturday we had an event in Kichijoji. It was Polynesian night. I guess there are a lot of Pacific Islanders in my mission, and they organized an event that was
focused on their religion! That was fun, and we had two people come with us. One was called brother I. and the other was T.! They came and had a good time and were glad they came.

On our way back home we ate at this soba place and that was where we got a kilo of noodles each! It was so good. I ate the whole thing! (not one of my smartest ideas, but it was worth it). That was Saturday.

Sunday was okay...the ward members and mission leader still think I'm stupid... at least that's the feeling I get from them. So that wasn't fun on Sunday.

But this last day was funny. I saved the best for last. Monday was interesting. So it started out as normal. We talked to people, and then we decided to go to center minami. We visited a possible investigator. Then we went to hand out English flyers. So I was just minding my own business and saying, "Free English class" in Japanese,
and this Japanese person came up to me and in perfect English said, "I speak English." It was in an English accent and everything. Talk about being caught off guard! Then I saw this group of high school girls. And of course I'm tall, blonde and a foreigner. So that's a recipe for
disaster. They came up to me and asked if I liked English and, they said, "how are you?" I said I was fine and they were like, what do we say next. So they said they loved me and walked away. I was like, okay.... I was so confused. But yeah that was my week. Hope you enjoyed
the stupid stories and all hahaha.

Love Elder Hatch

Ps. It's getting so hot and humid here and so we have resorted to buying 40 popsicles each and eating them all day every day.

Ps.s. I will send videos of Polynesian night and pictures. Enjoy!


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