May 7, 2017


2nd Area: Yokohama Zone/Kohoku Area


Elder Yang

Yokohama Zone and Magic Park

Yeah I got here safely! It was like an hour train ride by myself but I didn't get lost hahaha.

This week was bittersweet! The reason for that is because I left my home basically. Lol, but I went to a place that needed me, so I'm glad that I got a change. I did make a big impact in Kichijoji though.

And I miss the people there. They were all surprised that I was leaving. I loved that place. But I love my new place. Leaving brother Harada and Ase(investigator with baptismal date) and my other friends I made there was hard. But I will probably be back there sometime.

The weather here is warming up really quick and the humidity is kicking in too... I hate humidity so much. But I'm living! This week, when I got here, we hit the streets or more like hills. That is all that is here. You go down one hill and go up another one... it's such a change but I kind of like it because it's a challenge. But my thighs and butte though.... they hurt from the hills. But its all good. I'm getting used to it.

I also had to get new pants here for my black suit because the ones I had the waist didn't fit whatsoever hahaha. So I found some stretchy pants. And ones that actually fit hahaha. That was fun to find.

Anyways back to my week. So I got to my new area and the area book was trash!! The people before us didn't know what to do. So we are cleaning that up and making it nice. It's so much work, but it needs to be done. We have no investigators too, which is also what we need to work on. The ward here though is great, I love it and there are so many kids in this ward. Yeah it's a lit area, and I'm happy I'm here!!
My companion has only been out 6 transfers, so only two more than me. So that's nice, but his Japanese is way good. I'm working on mine a lot too. So hopefully I will learn a lot this transfer. My companion is from Maryland. And he is part Japanese but didn't study before so it's all good.
I know people in my zone and one of the zone leaders toos so that is great. This is going to be great. Hahaha so yeah I'm doing well. It's a lot of change but ya know it's all good.

This week has and was great. Off to another fresh start and hopefully another baptism. (Cross my fingers) I'm doing well. I'm healthy but may have some allergies to pollen. But other than that I'm good.

Love Elder Hatch

Ps. I don't know when I will be able to get the birthday package because you sent it to the mission office and not straight to my apartment. So I don't know when I will get it. And I'm sending more pictures today too.


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