February 5, 2017


1st area Kichijoji, Musashino


Elder Michael Riggs

An uneventful week??

Not a lot happend this week. Sorry! One thing that happened is that I get my tooth all fixed today.
I get a new companion on Thursday! I'm excited and also a little nervous-- but mostly excited!! He is from Taiwan, and his name is Elder Yang. I might learn some of his language too. But I don't know!!
This week was a lot of streeting and housing. My Japanese has gotten much better this week and even my companion said that my Japanese is pretty good for what stage I'm at! That was a great confidence booster!!
This week was kind of funny because we had a lot of people just tell us "no go away." We were able to talk to a lot of people though. We have visited members this week and less actives and confirmed Brother Harada (our first baptism last week)! He is just amazing: he loves us, the church and the gospel, so you can say we hit the jackpot!!
This week my district started to call me Justin Bieber because of how I style my hair!!😂😂 Also I have been called Trump because of my hair, and Swedish because I'm tall and blonde. There was actually a guy that started to speak Swedish to me because he thought that I was Swedish. Hahaha, but he was interested in our message so I guess that was good!
This week we went to visit a member's house, who was less active, and shared a quick message. The family said that the father loved weightlifting, and I said I did too. They loved that. In the father's testimony yesterday he mentioned me and how I am huge and lift weights. It was hilarious because people all looked at me and asked me about it later. Even my bishop asked me about it. I guess it was a good thing that I spoke up because bishop told me there really isn't anyone that he can connect with. He asked if I really did weightlifting, and I said I did. He thought that it was cool that I could connect with him. Also the man is very funny!!
Another thing is that people like Trump here and ask us about it all the time. We also met this drunk guy on the streets, and he was funny because when Japanese people get drunk they speak in English and it is hilarious!! Also I scare old people sometimes because of how tall I am. It's hilarious!!
One more thing is that we got to go to bishop's house last night for dinner and got to eat taco rice. I ate so much!! I love it so much!! That was my week, so hopefully you guys laugh and have fun reading these!!

Love Elder Hatch


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