January 8, 2017


1st area Kichijoji, Musashino


Elder Michael Riggs

Doing a lot of biking and feeling frustrated

Wow sounds like you had a week. I did too!!! It was insane!!! We did a lot of biking and everything!!! We are so tired but somehow we keep pushing. This week was a hard one in the sense of trying to find the drive to talk to people. I have gone through a little of asking myself why I'm here... I try to press those thoughts out of my head and just go and talk to people. It doesn't sound that easy but more hard because I try day in and day out to try to be as obedient as I can and everything, but I still feel like that's not good enough. I guess what I'm trying to say is that It's very very hard to be patient. I just feel like sometimes my companion gets mad at me for not saying anything and then I feel bad when I don't say anything when we are housing or on a street in or in a lesson. I try to listen and say something but I never can understand and know what to say!! It's very very frustrating. I don't give up though. Even though most of the time I want to. It's really really stressful here! And sometimes I feel like my companion is pushing me really hard and sometimes he forgets that I have only been here for 4 weeks. This Tuesday is a companionship split, and I don't know what to think about it. I just feel like they are going to rip me a new one and just say you need to do this and this and this because your language isn't very good and teaching skills suck and I'm just not really looking forward to it...
Anyway back to the good stuff that happened this week. I got to kick start a motor cycle for a guy because he was tired and not strong enough to do it. We talked to him after and gave him a flyer of our church. That was where I felt for like the first time, that kind of joy coming from helping someone. We also might have found a new investigator but we don't know yet because we haven't met with him. He seemed pretty interested.
And then on one night one member took us out to eat with the sister missionaries and one elderly couple. They dropped 300 dollars on us! It was insane but such good food. Then last night our whole district went to the bishop's house and had dinner and brought one of our investigators and had fun! We had taco rice!!!! I love taco rice!
That was about my week and to answer some of your questions: I do still need some long sleeve shirts and I told you the website to get them at. It's It's a store in Japan that has some of the same prices as the US. The regular fit xxl are my size and the watch, the one I want is one from Adidas where it's a big black one that has rubber all around it and i think its digital.
One other thing I would like to say is that I am making some progress with my language. And tell Trevor not to give up, because I'm not giving up when times are tough here. Just tell him if you give up the coaches will see that. And who cares about your size as long as they can rely on you to be at practice and to go 100%. That is what makes a great player! He will grow and everything will get better. It's like my language, it's not good now and I have doubts about it but I keep trying to learn and do my best and then it will get better. So just tell him to not give up and to tell him how is he going to tell his kids not to give up when he did. That's how i look at it and endure to the end.
That is about it and I will try to take more pictures and everything for you this week but I do have a few I am sending.
I also am allowed to use Facebook so I have that so don't freak out about that. Hahahah I'm not breaking any rules lol!😂😂 but yeah the watch and the shirts from UNIQLO and food it all that i need right now. And also another thing, I think I'm growing.. because I'm hungry 24/7 and can eat so much! Like last night I ate about two cups of rice at the bishop's house and came home and made more food. lol I don't know what is happening to me lol...

Love elder hatch


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