January 2, 2017


1st area Kichijoji, Musashino


Elder Michael Riggs

Happy New Year

This week was an busy and boring week. The busy part was fun. We had some lessons and for the most part we just streeted and housed and cleaned. Lol. The New Years here is no where similar to the one in the states. They take it way serious and it was kind of funny. Because it's just the new year hahahah but it's all good!! They have their holidays and we have ours and I'm just going to respect that.
Anyways, this week we decided to do a surprise visit at one of our investigator's (Omori san's) houses because we weren't sure if he really wanted to be baptized or just go with it just because. But we dropped by and we caught him red-handed. Lol. His apartment was filled with the smell of smoke and a bunch of tea bottles on the ground. We asked to come in and he said one second. So he closed the door and tried to cover up the smell of smoke. But it didn't work. We met with him and asked him if he really knows if the church and everything is true and he said maybe. And then we asked him what his life goal was and he had no idea. He just wanted to play video games and watch tv, so we gave it our all and we aren't giving up on him. We are still inviting him to things and still going to visit him at least once a week. But if he doesn't shape up we will probably drop him. I don't want that because we have had to do that with a lot of investigators of ours. But on the other hand we have this golden investigator (harada san), and all he needs to do is give up smoking and he is good for baptism on the 22nd of January. One thing that we are doing to help him stop smoking is that we are going to give up chocolate till his baptism. Lol that is so hard, because I have been offered chocolate so many times this week. But I'm doing it for a good cause. We met with him today and he feels God's love so strong and wants to get baptized but he needs to shake the smoking habit. That's all of our investigators that have had most of our attention this week.
And now back to New Years. So New Years is the biggest holiday here in Japan and man do they get just as drunk here as in the United States. Lol. We stopped a drunk man and talked to him a little bit. It was kinda funny to see a drunk Asian hahha so funny. But then on New Years we just cleaned and studied and that just about wraps up my week.
Also to answer your question, I had to take money out for food because I didn't have a enough from mms funds because I only got a partial allowance. That is because i came to japan late in the month, and I had to take money out for the train to put on my train card. And I took money out today for emergency funds and for shirts I was going to buy, but I didn't find any in my size. That's why I have had money taken out.

Happy New Year みんあさん。

Hatch ちょろ。(choro)


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