December 19, 2016


1st area Kichijoji, Musashino


Elder Michael Riggs

Hello from Kichijoji

Here is my mass letter to you guys so spread my word. First off this week has been the busiest week of my life. I did some food shopping today and got my bike and everything squared away. The food here is great!! I love it. But most importantly the people here are so so so nice. I got a Christmas present from one of the members in my
ward. I didn't expect it or anything. But I got socks. Hahah I don't think that I have been more happy to receive socks in my life. Hahahah!
We have taught like a million lessons with our investigators. They are awesome investigators and fun people to be around. I was surprised on how much people speak English here. It's insane. But mostly Japanese. I
have already begun teaching the English classes. They are really fun in watching them try to sound out words haha. Now I know what it looks like when I'm trying to speak their language. It's so much fun and I love it. I haven't gotten to take any pictures this week because it has been really busy. I will try to take more. Anyway, besides that, I do have an iPad, and just send me instructions on how and what to do and your info. I don't know what time I'm going to be able to Skype, but I will let you know. And if by any chance there would be a way to send anymore long sleeve shirts that would be nice because 4 isn't going to cut it for me. The weather here is not bad. It's not really that cold
or humid. But I'm not going to say that so soon. Hahah because the summers I have heard are the worst. I realized that my language skills suck here. Lol I kind of figured. Any way that is about all that has happened this week. Sorry it is so short. I don't have a lot of time to write right now. Also send snack food. NO BEEF JERKEY because you can't send that over here for some reason. Also my address is the one
that is on my suitcase that you wrote but here it is if you forgot already:
1-7-7 Kichijoji Higashi-cho
Tokyo 180-0002.
I'm doing pretty well here. It's hard for sure but I'm doing it to the best of my abilities.

Love Elder Hatch.あしってます


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