December 7, 2016


The MTC in Provo, Utah


Elder Nicholas Stevenson

Getting ready

I haven't shared my flight plans with anyone else and im not going to call anyone else besides you guys. I only know you guys' numbers. Also they actually let us call at the airport. Also one other thing that i need to say is that im focused on my mission. The only other thing that i want in that package is the burner phone so I can call you guys. And if you can get that package here asap that would be nice, because i have a only a few more days here. And they are going to be busy. Thank-you.
Anyway back to my travel stuff. I need to have 100-200 dollars on my card for luggage and about 600 dollars on my card for a bike and that is right off my travel plans. And they will reimburse me for that luggage cost. I will also put that money on my card because there is an atm here that I can do it on. The other thing I am going to need to pay for is food at the airports.
Other than that i think that is all the costs that I will have to make at this time.
Anyway, Cayden is going through anxiety?? Im sorry, what I went through was very similar to him. I don't really know much about it. I still struggle with it today sometimes. But just tell him that it will be okay and don't worry about it. And just ask what he is worrying about and stuff like that. I found a way to cope with it though. I don't know maybe take him to a counselor. That is all I can remember.

But I'm doing okay and can't wait to get out of the MTC. I know I am going to need to get use to the language and everything. I do know that. But when i say no script I mean that I don't have anything written down. I know what I want to talk about but I just have nothing written down. I'm doing well as usual but I'm nervous about Japan though. I also cant wait. That about wraps up my week. I hope i didnt seem to demanding or harsh in the beginning. I love you guys and hope that you guys are doing well, and I also pray that you guys are safe. I will maybe send another email before I leave, and I will send another one this afternoon to tell you when I'm going to call from the airport.


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