November 23, 2016


The MTC in Provo, Utah


Elder Nicholas Stevenson

No scripts

Thanks for the family pic. I'm really excited for the photo album to be done because I want everyone to see my family. I only have like three pictures of all of you guys together. This week was eventful. We had an Elder go home last Wednesday and then we had another one come into our district because he and his companion weren't getting along together. Everyone is getting along pretty well here. I'm used to everything here except getting up at 6:30... I don't know why that is the hardest part since I did that almost all summer.... it's whatever, I guess. Hahahaha. This week I have been trying to do a no script lesson. I figured that in the field we won't have scripts or time to prepare scripts, and our sensei's challenged us to do no script lessons. So I took that challenge and am doing my best at it. Also I'm so happy I'm almost out of the MTC because I just want to go to Japan. It is one of our sister's birthdays today, and and we are going to celebrate it today We did a little bit of it last night too. A couple last things, we also got our new name tags this week with our Japanese names on them. I will send you a picture today, and I have other pictures to send to you guys. Everything is going ぢじょぶ (alright) and I'm trying to make the most of my けけいん (experience) here.


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