November 15, 2016

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Cayden Hatch

Cayden has lots to say

Dear Elder Hatch,

Sorry I didn't write to you on Sunday. We just had so much going on that I couldn't write to you. First we had to go to church and then go to a meeting for a change. They made a 7th ward. We lost some people. We lost a whole road and it started from the Travelers all of the way down to the Cluffs. We lost Boon and Tanner from my primary class. So it basically shrunk from the top. We also lost the Livingstons too so that stinks. That is why I could not write to you Sunday. I will try to write to you on next Sunday.

I am not done talking to you yet. Trevor, Lindsey, Tyson, and I took Tonks the dog to do something. Remember when we were going swimming and we saw that cute black lab dog? That is Tonks. We went and made leaf piles at Tyson's apartment and jumped in them. Even Tonks jumped in it too so that was fun. Also we are going to a new movie called Fantastic Beasts. So that will be fun too. And they will be doing prizes so I will let you know if I win something next week. (Cayden was worried about making you homesick with this paragraph ;)

So yes that is all for this week.

Love you,



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