November 2, 2016


The MTC in Provo, Utah


Elder Nicholas Stevenson

TRC--Japanese is a hard language

So p-day isn't all that great because you have to do laundry and all that stuff. But it's nice to take a break from the language. Wow sounds like you have had a week!!😂 I have a lot of pictures I need to send, and my district is doing fine. We are learning the language and all having some sort of success. I had a really hard first half of the week!! It was bad and a really humbling experience and really disappointing. My experience was that we have this thing we do on Wednesday nights called TRC. It's where we teach members the gospel. The first time was last week and I didn't even talk once!! I was trying to think of something to say but I didn't understand anything or know how to say anything. It was so frustrating. But I started to read my scriptures more and pray more and the language flowed a lot more.
The other major thing that happened was we had Elder Russell M. Nelson come last night to speak. He talked about the only conversion that counts is your conversion. It was neat, and that was all that was interesting this week. And sorry but don't send that bathroom bag. I really don't need it. But I'm doing good and progressing. Thanks for the pictures and your prayers. Yes I have heard from grandma B., Greg, Emma Leavitt, Katie and Itara. That's all I think that I have heard from. Love you guys and tell everyone hi.

Love Elder Hatch

Hey so I ordered a iPad keyboard case for my iPad here and for my mission. So I'm sending it to your place and could you just send it to me, once you get it please?
Also with that case I sent to our house, could you send some laundry detergent please?? Thanks and the case should get there Friday. Thanks.


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