September 9, 2018


6th Area Yamate A in the Yokohama Zone


Elder Tenju Nakamura

Interesting conversations for sure


Yeah this week was a very interesting one! So we first had a typhoon this week, and we were inside all day. Then here is when it gets weird! First we were at a train station handing out flyers for our English class, and this guy came from the other side (stops his moped) and walks straight over to me and tells me all about this rap stuff. He says that he raps and knows all these rappers and knows these American people, like famous ones, and says weird things about Area 51 and just weird stuff in the worst English! It was hilarious. Then he walks away and goes back to his moped and rides away. It was so weird and funny!

Then on Friday we were more down by the city and we talked to a lot of people, but then this one guy calls out “Elders!” I was like um, usually when that happens something weird is going to happen or they may have an interest... it’s either one or the other! Lol. But I was right, it was something weird. So this guy starts talking to us, and my companion doesn’t know what the heck is going on but just keeps nodding his head. This guy is half drunk, and he is a grandpa! So he tried to speak English to us and Japanese. I understood what he was saying in Japanese, for the most part, but since he was drunk, it wasn’t making any sense. Then he calls me dumb! Like straight up, I had something wrong with my head! And that ticked me off and pushed me over the edge a little bit, and I started to get angry and tried to stay cool at the same time. But he kept calling me stupid and saying that I don’t know anything. Then he asked some religion questions, and I tried to answer them, but he wasn’t having it! So I made the mistake of using some rude Japanese to him, and impolite Japanese too. That made it worst, but then we just left and kept on with our night!

At this point I’m ready to punch someone/something but I just let it go, and we met another drunk guy.... so he was weird and talked about going to bars and drinking and picking up girls and stuff like that. We were like, hold up bro! This is what we believe! We don’t do these kinds of things! He understood for about 5 seconds and then started talking about it again. So yeah, we met a lot of weird guys! We had some good and weird conversations, but it was fun!

We ate a lot of good food this week and helped a lot and got an ear full of Japanese too. This week we also had a summer festival for our ward. It was dope! We had all of our investigators and some English students come. It was fun! We helped run the whole thing basically. That was fun but long! All of our investigators had fun, and the ward did too. I don’t have any pictures from it right now, but I am hoping to get some soon.

But then Sunday... oh man, Sundays are sometimes the most stressful days here in Yamate! We call it "the day where our dendou leader rips us a new one" day! Lo,l he just is always telling us what to do and stuff, but I’m like chill! I’m the only one that can really handle him so... it always falls onto me. Every time he sees us, he just talks and talks and talks and it’s soooooo long, but we live with it. But that was my week in a nutshell for ya. Hope you enjoy it!


p.s. I took some money out today. I may use it but I might not. Just thought I would let you know.
p.p.s. The weather here is getting cooler, so when you come probably bring some pants, some shorts, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. Just imagine a Minnesota fall. Also my health is I don't know. I have good and bad days.


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