August 19, 2018


6th Area Yamate A in the Yokohama Zone


Elder Tenju Nakamura

Stomach is doing better. Trying to use spare time wisely


Okay I will go back in English now! It’s a little weird, sometimes, talking back in English, but you know I need to ね! This week wasn’t the busiest, but it was an okay week! We just did some service on Wednesday and taught some English classes. For the service, we cleaned some wheelchairs and stuff like that with a power washer, and it was so so fun! I love power washers and just spraying the crap out of stuff. I loved it.

Then at 英会話 I had an old friend come and see me. I made really good friends with this lady in Kohoku 英会話, and so she and her daughter found out that I was here and came. I was so surprised! But it was fun. I have some pictures.

Then the next day I went to the doctor for my stomach. They basically told me that I have had digestive issues, and they told me to stay away from some foods and gave me more medicine. They also told me to stop taking the medicine I was taking before (the Prilosec from home) because it was pointless. So I’m on new stuff, and I think it’s working. They also said my stomach was bugged a lot from stress and stuff like that. So yeah... I figured that out, and I guess I’m just broken! Super glue can’t fix this this time! Lol. I'm glad I got that figured out, and I think my stress levels aren’t that high anymore.

Then again, I stress myself out about a lot of stuff out here. I think it’s from all of the influences (good and bad) that I’ve experienced, and right now it’s my 伝道主任 (ward mission leader) that is stressing me out a little. Also some past experiences here of what I’ve overheard people saying about me and been told to my face have bothered me (criticism of my Japanese). That stuff is that stresses me out the most and stuff that’s hard to forget. But anyways, I got that crap figured out.

On Friday we had a lesson with our investigator who doesn’t like reading the Book of Mormon, so we read with him and had a lesson about that. He still wants to learn and progress so we found that out and we will still teach him. We have three investigators that we regularly keep in contact with, but other than that, no one else really. Our ward mission leader doesn’t like that. We try everyday to find new people, visit less actives, members, and take care of the people we have already! He (the ward mission leader) always tells us to our face that this ward hasn’t seen a baptism in forever, and you guys need one this transfer or the ward and me are not going to like you. That's the feeling I get from him. But we are trying everyday, and recently I’ve been doing a lot of contacting when I have more free time or if we don’t know what to do with some extra time.

From that, I set up a meeting with a guy that’s older and has more interest. So we will see, and we meet with him in two weeks, so I'm kind of pumped from that. So we are just calling a bunch or older people to see if they still have interest and see if I can see a miracle from that. I just want to say I’m trying. It’s hard to 1: stay focused, 2: open my mouth to everyone sometimes, and 3: have energy day in and day out! I’ve been running this path for almost 2 years straight but I can’t give up yet so I will 頑張る!

On Saturday we had a missionary conference with apostles and the area president and that was awesome! I learned a lot from that, but it was long! But after that conference, I thought more about my purpose as a missionary and how I can improve and see and work harder these last weeks of my mission. I did that, and I’m still working on it.

Then we had church, and I had to do some translating and helped people out. We visited three less actives. We biked so much yesterday... probably the most I’ve done in awhile. It was close to 15-20 kilometers yesterday.

Yeah I’m doing well and hanging in there! I'm trying to make the most of it so I don’t look like a fool! I'm trying my best. I hope all is well in America or whereever people are! Lol 😂


ps: I do know Sister Papenfuss, and yeah I would ask her what to do (when you come to Japan) because if I do that nothing comes to mind right away!

p.p.s: Dad, this one is for you. You may have already thought of this, but thought I would just mention it. In order to build the ground up, look into getting some road base or slag to put down and then get it wet and use a compactor to compact it and the put sand on top ( level that out then put pavers on too). That’s what I’ve done in the past. I don’t know you, probably have thought of this already but I always get so excited to hear about those projects and get jealous sometimes, because I want to help. Lol
Last thing, remember that the water needs to run off the patio and away from the house when it gets wet so you will need a little bit of a degree with the pavers( whichever way you decide to have water run off). But I hope I can help you with some of it, if not I will with the next project! Lol


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