August 6, 2018


6th Area Yamate A in the Yokohama Zone


Elder Tenju Nakamura

More stomach issues, but Derrick got baptized! Yay!

Each week gets faster and faster. It’s insane, but this week was full of ups and downs and ups again! To start it off, it was a good week! Everything was going pretty well and pretty smooth, and then Tuesday hit and it went south! My health and everything gave up a little bit! I don’t know why, but my stomach hurt so bad and the medicine that I was also taking wasn’t helping a whole bunch. So that ended up in me getting a call ( I didn’t call him) by our mission doctor, and I explained to him what kinda went on. He told me I should go see a doctor.

So this week or sometime I will see a doctor. I really don’t want to. I don’t want to explain it all in Japanese, and I don’t know if I can.... because it was a little more than just my stomach. I got pains in my chest a little bit too. It sucks. I don’t know why all of this happened. I think I know the reason for it, and I tried to cut it out of my diet/life. It’s been helping a little I think. It doesn’t help that I’m constantly going and so tired everyday trying to be a good example. I’m still training too and it’s really hot, and everything combined just doesn’t make it better! But you know that doesn’t stop me from doing what I have to. You know I still try and do my best everyday, and some days I am more trunky and less productive than others, but I just push through those days and tell myself tomorrow will be better! And then I try!

But this week wasn’t all bad! We had a lesson with our investigator and he is now traveling to America for a vacation, and we won’t see him until the end of this month. It was a good lesson! We taught about fasting and stuff, and he said he will do his best with it. So that was awesome!

We also had a sports night that only one person came to. So that was a little sad . But then the week got way way better!

So this week I had the opportunity to go to my investigator’s baptism from last transfer! So yes Derrick got baptized! I got another one in my mission! I was so happy and just so joyful to hear that and to go back to Fussa for it! I mean, it was two hours away by train, but it was worth it for him! He is very special and will make a good member. He will actually be moving to the states so I will see him back there! Also he was so happy that I was able to make it! He and his girlfriend thanked me and all the other missionaries and members for helping him come this far. It was so special, and I felt the spirit there too! I got to sing in a song that he composed which was so cool and special. That day was special, but we got home really late, and that made me mad because I wanted to get home on time. But it didn’t happen, and I just didn’t want it to make me look like a bad example or bad missionary when I’m trying to be a good one.

Then this guy on the train came over to me and just started trying to talk to me. At this point I’m so tired and hungry and already mad, and then this guy comes to me and starts asking me and talking to me in English/ Japanese and it didn’t make any sense. I used a little impolite Japanese to him! Everyone looked at me and was a little surprised I think because I know I looked so angry! But I switched cars and didn’t see him again!

That was that night, and then on Sunday my 伝道主任 was not having it with us and just not really treating us well. He was just talking to us and telling us what to do! He had good intentions, but not the best way of going about it! That made me mad, again. Lol 😂

We got to teach young men’s, and an investigator (whose Japanese was hard to understand) was there. He didn’t really listen or look at me!

We also met this last person and he was so weird. He called out to us, while we were riding our bikes, in English, and so I talked with him a little in English. We switched phone numbers and had a lesson with him. We figured out later that he is a creeper! So he won’t be coming back for a while!

That’s it! This week was all over the place. I think I’ve lost a little more weight or something because it feels like I have. I hate it, but it has happened. Oh well I will try to finish strong!

Elder Hatch 🐣


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