July 22, 2018


5th Area Yokota A in Musashino South


Elder Walton

Leaving the military base

This week was not too bad! I’m back to getting my thunder thighs again. I can say that trying to speak Japanese all day everyday is sooo hard for me! I’ve always wanted a Japanese companion, but I didn’t know it was going to be this hard. Most of the time I don’t know what to talk about, and then we get talking a little bit and it gets a little bit better. I just want to be so good sooo bad! I’ve improved a little bit since this transfer has started, especially with my reading skills and a little bit with speaking, but coming from a [military] base too was a little hard because I gave into just talking a lot more English than Japanese. That made it a little harder to go back into the Japanese mode, but hopefully this next week will be better.

Other than that, last week I called our mission president's wife and explained my stomach problems, and she told me to call the doctor. After I got off the phone with her, I had another thought of just not calling the doctor quite yet. Why? Because I wanted to see what would happen when I came to this area [Yamate A in the Yokohama Zone]. I wanted to see if it was just what was in that area and things I was doing in my last area that was causing everything. And to find out it was my 気がするは正しかったよ! After about half a day of being here, my stomach calmed down so much 多分close to being normal! I still take the medicine everyday.

My last two transfers were soooo stressful for me and caused so much more problems. But yeah, my stomach and stress isn’t really as bad as it was in my last area. I still loved that area and about cried when I had to leave because I loved it! The English students loved me so much, and the ward loved me ( I think) lol 😂. But I just got a 津波 of stress and everything all at once that literally almost killed me! It was bad! I wasn’t eating like anything at all, wanted to sleep all day, and felt my bad self coming out again. I didn’t want that. It was sooo hard to focus and be a missionary and do everything!

But now it’s way better than my other area. In this area, though, I’m wanting to finish out strong with Japanese and everything because I need it! Japanese has become something I need to study and learn in order to survive almost! But I need to be careful not to burn myself out on it because then it will become hard to study. That’s how it’s getting right now so I need to reevaluate it a little bit. I will do my best.

Yamate is a fun place, lots of hills and everything but fun. It’s so freaking hot and I sweat a lot. Everyday I’m tired my legs hurt and it’s hard to keep going sometimes, but I will try my best to keep pushing to my limit. So yeah that’s my week...still alive and everything. I have almost 11 weeks left and don’t know what to think of it. I hope you guys are safe and had a good week.

Elder Hatch 🐣


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