June 24, 2018


5th Area Yokota A in Musashino South


Elder Walton

Health update

This week's happenings were somewhat hard to remember. Actually everything lately has been hard to remember. My brain is literally fried (exhausted) lot of the time now. It’s harder to speak English and Japanese, and I’m just slowing down. My stomach is still feeling not the greatest sometimes, but I think the medicine I got helped a little bit. I’m just an "old" missionary and my body is feeling it too. I mean I have more of a handle on my current responsibilities but still sometimes I almost can’t take it. But I don’t give up. I just keep going and doing my best. My patriarchal blessing was right! It said I would have to work hard on my mission, and that is exactly what I’m doing right now! I wish I could just relax and let my stomach rest and just have my stress go away! But I literally have only 15 weeks left on my mission so I got to finish strong.

Besides that we had a good lesson with our investigator! We taught him and his name is Derek! He’s from Minnesota and is way fun! I was way too pumped for that lesson and it went well. We set a baptismal date for him on the 7th of next month. We think he can make it, and we will do our best with teaching him.

I will do my best with training and being a District Leader. My health got a little better but people can tell that I’ve lost weight. I don’t like it because I don’t want to be tiny. I want to look good and healthy!

But that was my week! My companion is great. I love being with him. I’m just exhausted! That was it! Sorry it was literally all about my health, but that’s what I’ve been dealing with hard core. And it really bothers me. I’m doing my best and trying really hard to be someone who I want to be. I’m trying my best.

Elder Hatch 🐣


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