June 11, 2018


5th Area Yokota A in Musashino South


Elder Walton

Training another missionary is great work

This week was freaking busy! Man I had so many meetings to go to! It was not always fun! So as I have said before, I’m training a new missionary and am a District Leader which has made my body die a little bit... but I’ve also had to take a lot more time and literally everyone comes to me with questions! I’m like come on man, I need to study! But it’s okay. I kinda have a grip on what’s going on right now I think...

Anyway, this week was a stressful and busy one! My stress has gone down a little bit, but now I’m so tired and recovering from all of that. Other than that, it’s been a good week!

My new companion is from Georgia, but he was born in Japan and grew up speaking Japanese. He already has the language down which is awesome so he can help me with mine a little bit(かな). But he is great. He has a lot of 伝道 fire which is good because it will keep him going and stuff like that.

But man is it so so freaking tiring. I’m not going to give up either! I mean, I have always wanted to train and stuff so I can teach someone how to do missionary work and have them learn from my mistakes so they don’t make the same ones! It’s fun. I enjoy it somewhat! But being district leader is also a tiring position too. I’m just an old missionary and tired! Lol 😂

We saw a cool miracle this week! Yesterday we were at church, and after church this guy Derek (the senior missionaries' investigator... we are good friends and he is also from Minnesota, so we get a long really well) came up to me and asked if we could do a 勉強会 (lesson) after church! Well of course. So we met with him, got his questions answered, taught him, and just got his views on what has been going on in his head. It was a great lesson. We taught, bore testimony, shared experiences and helped him see the light and make things clearer for him. He and his girlfriend (who is a member) had good questions and
got answers from the Spirit. Man it was a good lesson, and I felt the Spirit! I know that they felt it because everything for them made sense and was more clear too!

It’s awesome being a missionary sometimes! Always after a lesson I feel sooo good and happy and feel that what I said was what they needed to hear! I love it!

Anyway, that was one of two good and fun things we did! The other fun thing we did was we had a graduation party we went to for a church member and they were so happy and glad we could go! We also strengthened the ward relationship by getting to know more of them and making each other laugh, playing games, and just having fun! But man that day was so hot! I got pretty sunburned that day. I also got to do the big sumo wrestling suit game! They had one and the mom looked at me and was like before you leave you are going to get in that suit and wrestle! Lol 😂 it was so funny and so I did, and I wrestled my companion, who was really two times my weight, and won! I’m not that strong or big anymore but I won! I was so surprised, but oh well, I still got some hidden power somewhere.

The last thing I did before the graduation party was rice planting / picking! So it was literally like picking crab grass in clumps and tying it up so they could plant them. It was a fun service project! I enjoyed it a lot!

That wraps up my week pretty much... hope this week was good and see you guys next week!

Elder Hatch 🐣


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